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I've lost my passion...

In the world of landscape photography, passion is the driving force behind every shot we take. It fuels our creativity, guides our vision, and infuses our frames with emotion. Not to mention its the thing that drags us out of bed at 5am or keeps us in front of Lightroom for hours on end.

But what happens when that passion starts to flicker, when the spark that once ignited our art begins to dim? As a landscape photographer who has lost his mojo, I find myself grappling with this very question. However, rather than succumb to the disheartening lull, I am taking action - trying to rediscover my passion for this amazing hobby.

Getting my work out there!

The first step in my quest to rediscover my passion is to immerse myself in the community and share my work. I've decided to sign up for some local craft markets, where I can showcase my photographs and engage with fellow artists and enthusiasts. Firstly, this gives me a reason to get out and do more photography, to get more shots I can sell. Secondly, I'm hoping the appreciation of someone buying my work to put up in their home will reignite a sense of purpose within me.

In additional I've started entering photography competitions again. This is something I've done before and there is honestly nothing better than seeing one of your photos published in a magazine or online as a result of the competition. While the prospect of putting my work up for scrutiny is daunting,I know from experience how motivating it can be, even if I don't always win!

Travel, travel, travel!

Perhaps the most extravagant aspect of my journey to rediscover the love for landscape photography has been the decision to buy a campervan. I'm hoping that in the midst of nature's grandeur, I'll find solace and inspiration; that surrounded by towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and endless horizons, I'll feel a renewed sense of wonder awaken within me. Failing that, I'll just be able to sleep next to the shot I want for sunrise and won't have to get up so horrifically early!

In the end, my journey to reclaim my passion is not just about capturing stunning landscapes—it was about reconnecting with the essence of who I am as an artist and why I do it in the first place. It's about embracing the uncertainty, the challenges, and the sheer beauty of the creative process.

Passion is not something to be found, but rather something to be nurtured and cultivated—a flame that flickers, sometimes fades but always remains.

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